How It Works

What is Ngajak Jalan?

Ngajak Jalan is an Indonesian online dating website. Facebook—and most social networking websites—are meant for keeping in touch with friends and families. Some guys are using it to find dates, but most ladies are uncomfortable meeting strangers in Facebook. Ngajak Jalan is made specifically for dating.

How does it different than other dating websites?

We all have been through disastrous dates. We certainly kissed many frogs before finding the perfect Prince. So, here's the deal, the ladies make the call. They choose who they want to go out with and if they find the guy is not what he claims to be, they get paid. It is simple as that.

What's with that cash thing?

Okay, it all started through online and you start corresponding, exchanging pictures, text messages and maybe phone calls. Wow! It seems that this guy is perfect guy. He asks you out on a date and you politely agree.

But unfortunately, the date turns out not what you expected and turns out both of you have nothing in common. So what's the deal with the cash? The ladies have their say on the date. They decide whether the guy was worth going out with. So, it's up to them to inform us whether to return the money back to the guy or they keep the money. Guys! You know what to do, "PLAY THE GAME RIGHT AND MAKE A WINNING IMPRESSION!"

However, this arrangement is optional. You can treat Ngajak Jalan just like normal dating website.

In Ngajak Jalan, the lady's "risk" is reduced. Before they meet, the guy will deposit some cash to Ngajak Jalan. After they meet, the lady decides whether we should return the money or she gets the cash. Both parties enjoy the benefit.

Bear in mind that this arrangement is optional. You can treat Ngajak Jalan just like normal dating website.

Arrgh, gold diggers!

By paying for the first date, the guys set the bar up and most of the time ladies have a good impression of guys doing so. It shows that the guy is not stingy or guarded with his money. It also show that the willingness of the guy to give a shot on the date.

Isn't this prostitution?

According to Wikipedia, "Prostitution is the business or practice of providing sexual services to another person in return for payment." Ngajak Jalan does not provide nor facilitate such activity. We will ban accounts that conduct any unlawful activity, including prostitution. Please note that prostitution is illegal in Indonesia.

More questions?

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Ngajak Jalan is not affiliated with Facebook, it's simply used for comparison. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.